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During our next mission this July, we plan to increase our impact and establish a strong presence with the Maasai people and the Tanzanian government. We look to establish this by expanding the BGCF solar electricity footprint and fostering active local community engagement by installing solar panels in up to 10 schools and 6 birthing centers in the Maasai villages in the Serengeti national park region. In addition, we plan to provide basic medical equipment and technology like laptops, as well as anticipating supplementary needs. In the future, we plan to create jobs in America, with workers to receive, assemble and ship laptop computers, medical needs, and solar components to serve our mission in Tanzania.


While providing solar is our primary goal, we also want to enlighten minds. This year, we are partnering with “YarnMovement, LLC” and their “Believe In What You Dream” program, designed to intellectually empower young girls through a specific learning methodology, teach them a skill that can economically empower them, and address various community needs that create dignity and emotional empowerment. This program has been successfully implemented in Nigeria and Morocco and will allow us to engage the community and hundreds of school-age girls while we light up schools and health clinics.

This is an exciting time for our mission, and we invite you to help us reach our goals. Your donation and support will help us continue our work for the betterment of our human community.

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