"This Little Light Of Mine"



Charles Bonner has been a renowned Civil Rights Attorney for many years, handling cases all over the United States. He was born in Selma, Alabama and, as a teenager, actively and extensively participated in the American Civil Rights struggle, at great personal risk.
Mr. Bonner now works and resides in Sausalito, CA.
In addition to running his busy law practice, Mr. Bonner has been a self-reliant entrepreneur for the past forty years, with real estate ventures, as a restaurateur, and with various entertainment ventures. He is the author of a ground-breaking novel, The Bracelet: The Story to End Child Sex Slavery in the World. Currently he is working on his new book, The Tip of the Arrow, a memoir of his deep involvement with the Civil Rights Movement.
Mr. Bonner lived in Tanzania from August 1971 until November 1972.

Having obtained a Certificate of Fluency from the Tanzanian Government, he fluently speaks Kiswahili, the official language of Tanzania and dominant language in East Africa. His daughter Bahati (Kiswahili for Fortunate) was born in the thriving port city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The United Republic of Tanzania was the natural choice for this venture.